EU membership delivers numerous benefits evident in the daily life of people in Malta.


1. A strong Maltese voice in Europe

Malta punches above its weight as an active and engaged partner in the EU. We have six Maltese MEPs, and Maltese ministers regularly attend EU summits in Brussels in order to fully participate and engage with our EU counterparts.


2. Employment rights

You have the right to 20 days paid leave a year, and to work no more than 48 hours a week unless you choose to do so.


3. Justice

Judicial cooperation in civil matters helps ensure that court judgments in one member state are recognised in another. Judicial cooperation also provides someone living in one part of the EU with assistance to obtain child maintenance from someone living elsewhere in the EU.


4. Consumer protection

EU citizens are strongly protected when shopping online ` you have the right to return products within 14 days if they are unsatisfactory, even when shopping outside Malta.


5. Air travel

EU action has enabled budget airlines to enter the market and create wider networks, improving connections across Europe and making air travel more affordable.


6. Mobile phone charges

From June 2017, mobile roaming charges will be removed across the EU, thanks to legislation backed by Maltese MEPs. Since 2000, the cost of a 10 minute call has fallen by an average of 74% in the EU as a result of the abolition of national monopolies for fixed line services.


7. Health

If you become ill or have an accident anywhere in the EU, Maltese people can access the same public healthcare as the residents of the country you are visiting, through the European Health Insurance Card.


8. Economy

Being part of the EU means our businesses are operating within the world\s largest trading area of 500 million consumers.  For Malta\s education sector it provides life changing opportunities abroad for our students, and for international collaboration. For our communities, benefits include social and development funds which support efforts to secure new jobs, opportunities and inward investment to Malta. The EU is the top destination for Maltese exports.


9. Working with other countries

EU membership enables Malta to play a meaningful role in collective action to address major challenges affecting Europe, from tackling crime and dealing with the serious impacts of climate change to addressing the current global refugee crisis. Through solidarity and collaboration we can achieve far more than individual states acting alone ever could.


10. Freedom of Movement

The thousands of EU citizens who live in Malta enrich our island's culture, strengthen our society and boost our economy. People in Malta also benefit from being able to move freely in the EU.